Vintage sports 26-02

blonde young boxer boy in white underwear

To the left!

blonde boxer boy shirtless in white underwear with boxer gloves

To the right!

two vintage wrestling boys in red speedos

Top and bottom

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Sweet teens 25-02

teen boy with a quicksilver cap and a professional bicycle bike

Fit chest

young teen boy lying on a soft bed with white pillows

Skin, body, attitude… what a picture !

teen ginger boy in white shirt wearing a silver necklace

That’s a cute redhead

Which one do you prefer ? #teens2502

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Fisher boy

young boy fishing in white underwear

shirtless boy in white undies

shirtless boy with portuguese flag

young boy in white undies

young shirtless boy on phone

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Adidas white teen 02-03

Young teen in white adidas undies on the beach

Click for large picture

Nice young teen in white undies posing

Click for a better view

Young teen standing on the beach in white adidas undies

Click for larger picture

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