Back to boxing 05-21

blonde shirtless boy in white underwear boxing with boxing gloves on the grass

Vintage sports are the best

young blonde boy drinking from a bottle with boxing gloves on. je's in his white undies

I guess he can do many things with his gloves

young blonde boy in white undies wearing boxing gloves

Time to relax a bit ?

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Vintage lads 04-10

vintage picture of a young boy wearing a very tiny swimsuit speedo

Take a picture

Very cute teen boy in speedo wearing a necklace and holding one of his foot in his hand

Don’t hurt your feet sweetie

old picture of a very young boy smiling with his hands in front of his swimwear at the beach

Don’t be shy

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Black & white monday 03-28

young boy shirtless on black and white picture

In the eyes

little blonde boy on black and white picture

Tiny blondie

young boy in undies on a couch

Rapazinho ;)

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Vintage boys 03-11

vintage teen boy in speedo with tan lines

Tan lines <3

hot teen boy with a cap on the beach

Funny boy

wet blonde boy in red speedo vintage

Red and wet

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