Lips Monday 03-27

young shirtless boy with colored swim shorts by the swimming pool


cute shirtless boy in swim shorts at the swimming pool


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Little ones 10-22

young little boy in blue swim trunks eating an ice cream at the beach

Ice cream

young little boy playing in white and blue swim trunks by the swimming pool

Water is fun

young little boy in blue underwear on a rocky beach

Tough one

By the way : new tumblr

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Sunday mix 08-07

young boy with a shark tooth necklace wearing a blue speedo relaxing by the sea


Teen boys sleeping on the beach with yellow and blue swim shorts


young boy falling asleep on a sand beach with red flowers swim short


Which one do you prefer ? #sunday0708

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Wet week-end #4 04-03

young wet boy getting out of the swimming pool with all his clothes wet and smiling at the camera

Getting out

Boys jumping in the swimming pool with all their clothes on. All wet boys playing

Upside down

two boys getting out of the swimming pool with their clothes all wet (shorts, shirt)

Backside (click)

Young boys playing and jumping in a swimming pool on a summer day with colored shorts and swimsuits

Make place !

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