Sunday mix 08-07

young boy with a shark tooth necklace wearing a blue speedo relaxing by the sea


Teen boys sleeping on the beach with yellow and blue swim shorts


young boy falling asleep on a sand beach with red flowers swim short


Which one do you prefer ? #sunday0708

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Wet boys 07-22

young boy in blue speedo all wet after diving in the sea with a nice swimsuit

Ready to dive again ?

shirtless young blonde boy wearing a wet abercrombie & fitch red shorts

Quite happy

wet young boy in wet swimsuit walking on the beach

Lost something ?

Which one do you prefer ? #wetboys2207

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Fun with friends 07-08

young teen boys in speedos and swimsuits playing on the beach

Hot race !

shirtless young boys stretching their legs and having fun on the grass

What are you training for, boys ?

two boys hanging to a bar and fighting with their legs having fun by the sea

Foot fight !

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Brothers or friends

two shirtless boys holding arms on a boat. they are wearing blue and black swimsuits

Enjoying a boat trip

two shirtless boys fighting with pillows

Pillow battle !

two shirtless young boys relaxing by a lake.

Relaxing by the lake

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