Sunday mix 08-07

young boy with a shark tooth necklace wearing a blue speedo relaxing by the sea


Teen boys sleeping on the beach with yellow and blue swim shorts


young boy falling asleep on a sand beach with red flowers swim short


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Summer mix 07-27

Young boy wearing black swimwear shorts by the swimming pool

By the pool

young boy in blue speedo at the beach wearing a white beret hat

Nice béret

young blonde boy with red speedo wearing a cross and a necklace

Boat trip

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Little blondes 07-23

Young blonde boy with white and blue shorts swimsuit on the beach

Gym on the beach

Young little blonde boy with a necklace wearing a speedo on his bed

Click for HD picture !

Young little boy model posing with swimwear boxers

Beach model

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Two teens 07-16

teen boy in speedo sleeping on the beach

Sunny nap

teen boy with sunglasses and colorful boxers having a nap in the sun

Pants down

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