French boy 08-18

french boy with cap and sunglasses smiling


young french boy shirtless on a boat in summer

Tu viens ?

young french boy smiling on a boat

Plus près

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After the game 08-16

many young boys in a classroom after a soccer game

Still wanna play ? (Thank you Michael <3)

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Sorry for not being there this year. Lots of personal things and trouble in my life. (Don’t worry, I’m fine)

Mitenka will be back.

Just not sure when.

Thank you everyone for your messages, questions, feelings and support.

You’re the reason why Mitenka isn’t closed.

Stay tuned. Take care. Enjoy beauty.

Wet red 06-18

young blonde boy in red speedo


young blonde boy all wet in red speedo running


young blonde boy in red speedo swimsuit with grass on his legs


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